Enjoy watching the different action of the marble rollers and toys.

Musical Marble Tree

Listen to the different sounds as the marble travels down.

Jacobs Ladder

Enjoy watching the tumbler fall down each rung and not fall off.

Mouse and Spider Box

Slide the door open and a mouse or a spider comes out and touches your fingers.

Amish Painted Red and Yellow Marble Track & Natural Wood Musical Marble Tree

Amish crafted musical marble tree that is made of wood that is stained with clear varnish., 19 in tall, 7½ in square base. As marbles travel down over the petals of the tree it gives a musical sound from the different sizes of marbles. Included are a variety of different sizes marbles. This is a favorite for Autistic children because of the sound.

Painted Red and Yellow Marble Track size is 23 in long -13 tall.

Marble Roller with Cardinals

Watch as each marble hits the cardinal and the wheel.

An Outhouse That Falls Apart

Open door and see what happens.

5 Cent Exploding Outhouse

Deposit 5 cents... You're in for a suprise!

Colorful Musical Marble Roller

This colorful stained-- green, red and orange marble roller is great for young and old. The different size marbles and wooden balls that travel down makes a musical sound. Even adults enjoy buying this for themselves. Its been a great thing to have in a class room for special needs children.
19 in tall and 7 1/2 square base.