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Old fashioned toys to be enjoyed by young and old.

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Tricky Dogs

Tricky Dogs

Remember when you could get these out of a machine in truck stops? American made magnetic - white and black one in a box. Put one on top of a paper and the other one underneath and watch one move as you move the other one. This has been a big hit in the store because so many remember playing with them in church. I call it a quiet church toy.  Every Amish mother has these in her purse for her little ones to play with.  Many come in and buy many of them to give to their grandchildren who have never seen them.

Monkey on Ladder

Monkey on Ladder

Does not come off! Turn it over and it will go down again. This classic amish toy was once made by Katie’s grandfather and her husband makes them now.

Explouding Outhouse

Exploding Outhouse

Drop in 5 cents and watch it fall apart.  5 inches tall in front and 3 inches wide and 5 inches long

Click here to see the outhouse in action!

Mouse and Spider Box

Amish Spider or Mouse box

Slide the door open and a mouse or a spider comes out and touches your fingers.  It is a wooden box, size 5 in long 3 ½ wide  5 in tall.  This is a lot of fun.  People see the sign that says “please help yourself “ and open it thinking maybe they there is a piece of candy inside.

Click here to see the Mouse and Spider Box in action

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